About SOTI Natural

SOTI Natural - what are these products?


- SOTI Natural =  unsweetened, brewed teas closed in convenient recycled bottles and paper cans

- all SOTI Natural beverages are brewed with ecological ingredients according to the brewing process developed by us, which retains the maximum content of valuable antioxidants, polyphenols, so we encourage you to test it by drinking "regular tea" one day and SOTI Natural on the second day to feel the difference in your well-being, accelerated metabolism, better vital energy

- we guarantee zero sugars, zero calories, zero fructose, no sweeteners, no preservatives

- each SOTI Natural is made of the highest quality, ecological ingredients and water - no additives, no juices, no concentrates



SOTI Natural teas are richer in antioxidants than home-brewed herbs due to the careful brewing process developed by. We keep an eye on 15 brewing parameters, because even one temperature level during brewing has a huge difference in the content of valuable polyphenols and thus in the properties of tea.

nagroda sotiherbaty

SOTI Natural are craft teas in convenient packages that you can always have with you on a walk, in the car.


It is for this reason that they help accelerate metabolism, have a beneficial effect on the complexion, nails, figure, and hair condition.

They are great refreshing because they do not contain sugars, preservatives or sweeteners.

They are NFC teas, not from concentrate, 100% infusion from BIO tea.


A clean label and ingredients list that even a child will understand it.

All the zeros  in the nutrition table - these are the reasons why so many people order SOTi Natural online.


Our slogan: more than water, more than tea. You can do more, you can benefit more from the properties of the drink you choose every day!


SOTI Natural philosophy

After dad's cancer, Monika and Adam wanted to create a drink that would contain 100% tea without sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or concentrates.

They lived in Japan, where they learned about the precious tea leaves and worked on the precise process of brewing cold teas.

They chose lightweight bottles with a low carbon footprint and BIO resin coated inside, and cardboard cans for their products.

Their mission is to let as many people as possible benefit from the properties of this brew on a daily basis.

1. Selection of ingredients

We choose the best, organic tea leaves from Japan and other ingredients from their countries of origin.
We brew teas as close as possible to the source of the ingredients so that they do not deteriorate during transport.

2. Adjustment of parameters

Time and precision are needed to bring out the pro-health properties, which is why we adjust 15 brewing parameters, such as:
water temperature, leaf quality, brewing time, water minerals, type of brewing vessel.

3. Cold brewing process

Brewing takes 50 minutes and is carried out under a restrictive procedure, so that each bottle contains a greater dose of antioxidants than other teas, and in addition to preserve the natural flavor and aroma of the tea. You can drink it at room temperature, cool it or even heat it up to 80 degrees and it will still retain its properties due to the precise brewing process of this unique infusion.

"Until now, there were only drinks with a tea content below 1%, so we created a drink that contains 100% tea from the leaves. We brew SOTI Natural from ecological, natural ingredients in a precise 50-minute cold brewing process to preserve the natural taste and health-promoting properties We combine the naturalness of water with the properties of tea - for better well-being and refreshment. "

Monika and Adam - founders of SOTI Natural

SOTI Natural and viruses

There are many clinical studies showing that polyphenols can inhibit the replication of influenza and influenza-like viruses, as well as increase immunity.

Home brewed teas are often weathered or not brewed precisely enough to contain polyphenols, which is why SOTI Natural was created. SOTI is also great for home training.
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